Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to Wear: Job Interview

I am starting a new segment on the blog called What to Wear. This segment is inspired by a book that my sister gave me for Christmas. I started reading it last night and thought that I could put a great spin on the chapters to share will all of you!

The book breaks down different daily situations, and how you should dress for them. The first chapter is all about how to dress for a job interview!

The main points that I picked out are:
  • Look professional and put together
  • Dress appropriate for the job.
  • It is great to wear a watch. This shows that you are on time
  • Color is ok. Don't always just wear a boring black suit
  • Leave your giant monogrammed purses at home. No one likes a show off, and are you really going to need everything in that giant purse?
  • Leave the open toe shoes at home. In most work places open toe shoes are a safety hazard and are frowned upon.
This is the outfit that I came up with. I think that it is a fun approach to a tailored black suit.

Job Interview

Shirt- Tricot
Blazer- MCQ
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Christian Louboutin
Purse- Michael Michael Kors


RobynBeazley said...

Love the new series Stacy!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! The shoes are a great way to add some colour!

Dustin Boyles said...

Smart combination! The shoe I think is a bit loud for an interview; it may be great if it's black. It's an interview and the "dress to impress" is part of the pointers. Be stylish but do not overdo it - a little curve won't hurt though.

Hannah from Maxwell Scott Bags said...

Great outfit choice you came up with! I agree that it's very important to dress for the type of job you are hoping to get. Whilst a black suit with heels may be great for some jobs, it may seem a little intimidating if you are applying for a saturday job at your local bar!
I would say always stick to classic accessories and you can't go wrong. Colour is good, but be subtle! A good quality leather bag will look smart and sophisticated, and last you the whole time you're working there too!