Monday, January 31, 2011

Ask Stacy Part 1

I have often been asked exactly how many scarves I own. I wear one pretty much everyday, and am constantly buying more. I am to the point now where I am getting multiple of the same color!

The other weekend I found a new spot for my scarves. It is easy to sort through them now, the only problem is that I am going to either have to stop buying them, or find another spot as these drawers are right full!

The zebra one in the back corner is one of my favorites. And yes there are 3 white ones. One is new, it was a Christmas gift, and the cream one was also a gift from Australia. There are a couple black ones as well...

The black and plaid one in the bottom corner is another favorite of mine. The most expensive one... would be the real Burrberry one in the top right corner. That baby set me back a few hundred dollars, but boy do I love it!

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crystal.cattle said...

This will be a good resource so I will know what colors of scarves you have!