Friday, January 14, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Hereford Pen Show

To me Denver is unique not only because of the cattle, and the people, but mainly because of " The Yards" The Yards is a term used for the area that is down the hill in the old Stock Yards area. This is where the Denver Stock Show all started.

In the yards you will find the pen cattle that are there to compete, along with many other display cattle. Today the Herefords had a chance to compete in the pen and carload show. You can head over to the Star Lake website for some great info on what a Carload is and how the show all got started.

Star Lake has won the Carload bull show for the past 11 years, and were trying to make it 12 straight years today. This is quite an accomplishment. I was really hoping for them to do well today, and well is exactly how they did.

The bulls ended up winning, and they now hold the title of 12 consecutive Carload's won. A title that I am not sure will ever be met or beat.

This is the bronze that Star Lake took home
Champion Hereford Carload 2011

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