Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Bases Loaded

Today is a relatively slow day for the Canadian's in Denver. There is lots of movement int he barns with Black Angus and Herefords getting moved into the Hill, and our Red Angus friends have all headed for home now.

Tonight however, things will get amped up big time for our Canadian Black Angus breeders!

The Bases Loaded sales is one of the elite Angus sales in North America. In the past few sales, some Canadian herds have been invited to participate in this event.

The sale is held at Coors Field, the baseball diamond where the Colorado Rockies play. They actually have the cattle there, so it is a really neat one of a kind event.

This year there is one lot that has gotten a lot of buzz not only in Canada but also the USA. HF Kodiak 5R is one of the most influential Black Angus bulls in the breed. He is Canadian born and bred, and a really impressive bull both to see and to look at what he has produced.

The Bases Loaded sale is one that I make sure to watch each year. It is pretty cool to watch cattle sell for potentially $100,000.00. And it has happened before!

The sale is going to be featured on Live Auctions tonight, and the sale starts at 5:00PM MST


KCK said...

I have worked at the Bases Loaded, so I hope everyone stays warm. It can be brutal! Look forward to meeting you, via finding your sister and insisting she make the introductions!
KC Keffer Kinder

Sly said...

I actually will not be in Denver this year, just desperately wishing I was. Make sure that you still say I to my sister though, she gets in this afternoon.