Friday, January 14, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Black Angus Females and Hereford Pens

Well today is the start to a crazy weekend in Denver. The Black Angus shows will come to an end today with the Female show. There is another handful of Canadians competing in it today including

Bandura Angus

The other big event that is happening today is the Hereford Pen shows. These will take place this afternoon, and I know I will be cheering on Star Lake to win their 12th straight carload. A real accomplishment. You can check out the daily report from the Star Lake team in Denver through Randy's blog.

I will hope to keep you updated as I can tonight and over the weekend. I am headed home to the farm for a few days. It is about -35 here with the wind chill and we have a handful of our top cows all due right now!

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