Thursday, January 13, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Hereford Bull Show Results

Well today was a pretty fun day for me. Even though I was stuck in my office watching results and pictures come in from the Hereford show, it was a really fun day to see so many friends do well.

Many people always ask how I have friends in another breed, but the truth is we are just one big family. We all hang out with each other after the showing is done, and cheer each other on while the other is showing.

Over the past few months we have gotten to put faces and names behind the Star Lake name. Those of us in the cattle industry had heard of and see the success that they have had, so it was pretty cool to see them do well today. I am sure that Jon and Crystal are bound to have a good time tonight as always.

Just as with the Red and Black Angus the Hereford breeders should be extremely proud of the Canadian cattle that were exhibited and shown today. This is how our Canadian placings tallied as well as Star Lake's.

                                              Canada                  Star Lake
Grand Champion                                                        1
Division Champion                     1                              2
Res. Division Champion              1                              2
1st in Class                                2                              4
2nd in Class                               1
3rd in Class                                1

Triple A 1T Chrome 66X
Remitall Heater 161U
Harvie High Roller ET 66X- Res. Division Ch
Harvie DAN Ricochet 167U- 3rd in Class
GHC-Taboo Coalition 52U- Sr Division Champion
Star TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET
Star Market Index 70X ET
Star TCF Lock-N-Load 300W ET

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