Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stanley Cup 2010

For the past 10 days the NHL Playoffs have been going on. For those of you not up to date on your NHL, here is a little recap of where things are sitting.

Western Conference

San Jose vs. Colorado

Personally I hope that Colorado dominates this series. San Jose has some of the best talent in the league, yet they can never get it together in the playoffs. Colorado is a team that has flew under the radar this year, and thanks to superb goaltending all year, there are in the position they are now.

Vancouver vs. L.A.

As a true Edmonton Oiler fan all I can say is GO LA!! I HATE Vancouver with a passion. And hey why not give a team like LA a chance to go to the 2nd round of the playoffs. There is a ton of Oilers Aluni on the LA team, including my old favorite player Jaret Stoll.

Detroit vs. Phoenix

This to is a story of David and Galith. Detroit is a hockey power house, and they always have been. On the other hand we have Phoenix. They were sold due to bankruptcy, have not excelled as a hockey club, and were the centre of rumors and controversy with the ownership of the team. Phoenix is also a team who had outstanding goaltending all year, and I hope that they knock Detroit off their thrown!

Nashville vs. Chicago

Chicago is my pick here for a couple of reasons. Not only are they my favorite team outside of the Oilers, and not only did I meet and hang out with the team last year, but I also really like this team for its youth. I do wish that they had a better goalie, however, with some super stars on the team, things have really started to click here. They also just got 2 of their main defensemen back.

Eastern Conference

Washington vs. Montreal

This too is an easy pick for me. I am not a Montreal fan. I know I should cheer for them being a Canadian team and all… but I just can’t do it. Plus who can cheer against Ovechkin, Green, and Backstrom? P.S. ladies, take a look at David Steckel, he definitely makes any game worth watching!

Pittsburg vs. Ottawa

Yet another series that I should be cheering for the Canadian team, but I just can’t. Who can cheer against Captain Canada in Sydney Crosby. They are running into the same problem as Washington and Chicago in the lack goaltending with the team. I have a feeling this year the Stanley Cup winner will be a game of offence and mediocre goaltending, unless someone really steps up!

Boston vs. Buffalo & New Jersey vs. Philadelphia

I have lumped these two series together as I really have no interest in them. I do not care who wins or loses, it will just be another speed bump in the road to see who wins the cup.

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