Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Edmonton Oilers

I have mentioned before my love of the Edmonton Oilers. Yes, go ahead and laugh, I know we were the worst team in the NHL this year, but trust me we are coming back!

As a kid we always grew up watching the Oilers. My dad was a huge hockey fan, and Edmonton was his team. Mom on the other hand grew up by Calgary, and was a Flames fan... (insert booo's here).

I can remember as kids getting Oiler jerseys for mine and Crystals birthdays. They were the best gifts that we got that year! The sad part is that they still fit us!

For those of you that are not overly familiar with hockey and the Oilers here are a few tips about the team:
  • We have one of the best Dynasty teams in all of sports. Through the 80's there was no team like the Oilers.
  • Yes we finished in last place this year, but we also have the 1st overall draft pick in the June lottery
  • We have a socially famous player in Mike Comrie on the team. Or Mr. Hillary Duff. His family also is the founder and owners of The Brick furniture stores.
  • The best looking player on the team is Dustin Penner, no question about it.
  • Our top 3 rivals are the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, and the Dallas Stars
Although the Edmonton Oilers season is over for another year, and they have hit the golf course, don't laugh to hard Calgary fans so has your team, there is still lots of great hockey to watch in the playoffs. And maybe next year we will make it to the playoffs again!

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