Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Edmonton City Centre

Working as part of the City Centre mall, I see a lot of interesting things each day. When you step out of the entrance to the hotel, into the mall it really is like you have entered another world.

The Mall itself is really quite interesting. There is a main Avenue that cuts through the mall, and a sky pedway that connects it on either side. The mall is also the north point to the downtown pedway that connects pretty much the entire downtown core.

Throughout the mall there are many different sections. Yes it is all stores, and restaurants, and things that you would find in the mall, but it is the people in these areas that really make it interesting. Let me give you an example.

On my way to get something to drink from Second Cup this is what my journey looks like:

I exit the hotel on the 3rd floor and take the escalator down to the mall’s 2nd floor. I walk along the mall taking my time to look in Calvin Klein, Aldo, Jacob, and take a smell at the Body Shop. I then ride the escalator down to the main level where I find Second Cup.

This may not seem like a very interesting journey, but stick with me. I then walk along the main floor back to the hotel. Except this time it is packed with business men that are in a hurry. There is no time to smell the flowers at Bunches, or do some window shopping at BCBG, this is a extremely different pace. If I venture to the food court 1 level below to pick something up at the dollar store, I find myself in another world yet again. This one is filled with “white trash”. Today I saw a man wearing large cow horns on his head. See what I mean when I say it’s another world…

Another common walk that I will take is to Starbucks. This is a little bit of a longer walk, but much more interesting. Again I start out the hotel and walk along the 2nd floor of the hotel. I reach the sky pedway, and walk past the 20-50 person line up for Tim Hortons. This area I refer to as Asia. It is filled with well dressed Chinese, and Japanese. After you make it through Asia, I find myself in the Bronx as I call it. This place is filled with black people, who look like your typical hip-hop video. I feel like the whitest girl ever walking through here. I then take the escalator down a level (well actually I stop to look at the custom leather purses and custom made gowns and wedding dresses first) to find myself in the business world again, and take 1 final escalator to the basement to Starbucks.

It never is a dull walk, and great way to take a few minutes out of my day to get my mind off work.

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