Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marcus Adventure

This week as I was going back through some of my blogs, I realized that I had never blogged about our friend Marcus!

Marcus was our new friend that we found in Vegas. While out for supper for Brett's birthday one night, a balloon animal guy came around. He asked us what we were doing later that night, and as we were going to see Thunder from Down Under, he decided to make us a male stripper. We named him Marcus.

That night Marcus toured Vegas with us. It was our mission to show Marcus around and make sure he had a good time.

Marcus bought souvenirs, gambles on the slots, and also came to Thunder from Down Under with us.
We also decided that Marcus would pose in every picture with us that night. Wait! Where is Marcus in this picture?

Oh there he is!
Marcus hanging out in the hotel room after a crazy night. He was a little hung over...
At the end of the night it was a pretty good time. There was lots of things that we can't tell you, because after all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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