Friday, April 30, 2010

Stanley Cup 2010- Round 2

Round 2 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs started last night. 1/2 of the teams have been knocked out leaving us with 8 teams. Here are my favorites/predictions for this round.

Boston vs. Philadelphia
Ha isn't this funny. The 2 series that I didn't care about are playing each other again... Boston had a good run last year, so lets hope for Philly. Get someone new to the cup final.

Pittsburgh vs. Montreal
Montreal was a true underdog. They played the best team in the NHL in the first round and won! They have a lot of momentum going into this series and their goalies is HOT right now. I am still hoping for Pittsburgh and my future husband Crosby. They had a great run last year to win the cup, so lets try for a repeat performance.

San Jose vs. Detroit
This series got underway last night. These two teams have become playoff rivals. San Jose is the team of recent poor playoff history, and Detroit is the team that seems to do nothing wrong in the playoffs. I like San Jose to win this series, but I definitely see it going to a game 7.

Vancouver vs. Chicago
Ah and my favorite series of all! This is the only series remaining that I will watch the games on TV. I am sure you know my hatred for Vancouver, and my love for Chicago, so it should be no shock that I really want Chicago to win this series. I think that it will be a tough series, but they can do it for sure!

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