Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside... Is Wonderful!

Oh so I will warn you right now that the title of this blog may be a little misleading. Let me show you some pictures to start.This is what Calgary has looked like for the past couple of days. And this is mild. Most places are reporting 20-30cm of snow, and the wind is blowing. Welcome to the end of April!

Here in Edmonton we have been getting a real good shot of rain. The wind too has been blowing, and making things really wet..... And I couldn't be happier!

Alberta is extremely dry. We got a dump of snow early in the winter, but nothing after that. We were short on snow, and last year was another record dry year. Without moisture, thousands of farmers would have been screwed... and that's putting it lightly.

As farmers who buy all of our feed, we rely on other farmers in the area to produce feed that we can buy from them for our livestock. This system is heavily influenced by supply and demand as most things. Because of the shortage of rain the last couple of years, the supply has been minimal, thus driving feed prices up, and farmers having to pay more. It really hurts our bottom line.

So I think I can say for all the farmers, and even the people in the city who enjoy green, lush lawns, that it can rain all it wants! Plus its a great excuse to buy a pretty umbrella!

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Dee said...

Don't you alreay own a really nice.........I mean expensive umbrella?