Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Worst Dressed

The second awards show of the season was tonight. This is my favorite of them all for a few reasons. It gives us a good look at who will be in contention for Oscars, it is not nearly as stuff and formal as the Oscars, and it includes both TV and Film, so twice as many dresses!!
These are my picks of the Worst Dressed. Let me know what you think!
Worst Dressed: Anna Paquin
I really hate this dress. It is way to shiny and glittery. The shoes are a terrible choice, and much to heavy for a dress like this. Also not sure what is on her right wrist, but it was a bad choice.
Should Have Been Great But Wasn't: Julianne Moore
When your date is Tom Ford the legendary fashion designer who has been the head of fashion houses like Gucci for years, you should look amazing right? Well whatever Julianne was thinking it did not come out amazing. i don't mind the color, but whatever is happening at the top is not working for me. Nor are the heavy emerald earrings as beautiful as they are!
From Best to Worst: January Jones
Last Year January was every one's best dressed in an amazing Versace dress. This year her Lavin dress does nothing to impress. It is boring and forgetful. The headband is also awful...
Should Have Stuck to Black: Tina Fey
Every awards show Tina wears black. Although it may not be the most creative or exciting, it is much better then this. This dress is an awkward length, and the pattern is hard on the eyes. Good try for trying something new, but next time stick to what works.
Never Gets it Right: Drew Barrymore
Drew has a different sense of style. She always tries new looks, and usually they fail. This dress is actually very nice, aside from the fungus looking growths on her hip and shoulder.
Just Not Working for Me: Sofia Avergara
This dress is just not exciting me. I do not like the colour combo, and the long train coming off here back just doesn't work for me either. Another one that is a good attempt, but didn't pan out.
Get This Woman Some Support: Heidi Klum
For a woman who is a spokesperson for bra's, you would think she knows something about support. However, that is exactly what Heidi was lacking with this dress. I love the dress, but it just didn't all come together. Plus her hair really needs to be pulled back.
Put the Girls Away: Mariah Carey
We all know that you have large breasts. Please do not feel the need to shove them in our face!
Most Disappointing: Diane Kruger
Diane is another one with a different sense of style. But unlike Drew Barrymore, she usually ends up on best dressed lists. This dress really does not work for me. I do not like the colour at all. Pink dresses on the red carpet make me think of little girls birthday parties...
Please Go Back Blonde: Fergie
I really like this dress. I think it is probably the best that Fergie has ever looked. However, the dark hair really ruins this look for me.

Should Have Stuck With the Runway Version: Carey Mulligan

Carey is another girl who usually is on the best dressed lists. This dress just lacks enough to make it onto the best dressed list. The runway version had so much more excitement and detail.

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