Saturday, January 23, 2010

Red Carpet Round-Up: SAG Awards

With so few wowing looks both for best and worst dressed, I decided to combine everyone into just one post. Hopefully everyone is saving their great gowns for the Oscars!

Best Dressed- Diane Kruger
Wow is all I can say. Diane looks stunning in this mustard yellow Jason Wu dress. She was a stand out at this event. The color is stunning as well as the cut. Much improved over the Golden Globes.

Best Metallic- Stana Katic
I also love this dress. As you have probably noticed I have a weakness for heavy metallic gowns. I do not know who Stana Katic is, but she looks a lot like Misha Barton?

Just Keeps Getting Better- Lea Michele
This girl is on fire! I love this green color as well as the ruffled sleeve. This gown is much more age appropriate then her black Golden Globe dress.

Beautiful Neckline- Sandra Bullock
I love the blue feather neckline on this Alexander McQueen dress. This dress seems to fit her personality more then her Golden Globe down.

Best White Dress- Kate Hudson
Kate looks great in white, but some how I feel like I have seen this look on her over and over again.
Best Ruffles- Deborah Ann Woll
This dress is very close to washing her out, the the ruffled skirt really is beautiful. Best Red- Christina Hendricks
Christina give us pure sex appeal again, while keeping everything wrapped up.
Best Custom- Christina Applegate
Christina had this dress custom made for this event The ice blue is beautiful on blondes and Christina is no exception.
Worst Dressed- Betty White
Just because your older does not mean that you have to wear ugly dressed. The dark blue slashed through this dress definitely do not help, not do the blue lace sleeves.
Less is Always More- Joan Allen
This dress is not my favorite by any means, but the thing that really ruins it for me is the hideous necklace. Should have just left it at home.
Velvet is Bad- Julianna Margulies
This is a prime example of how velvet is extremely hard to pull off. Also the top of the dress is ill fitting and looks messy.
Trying to Hard Again- Drew Berrymore
Oh Drew, when will you learn. Again Drew tried to hard. I love the colour of the dress, and would have really liked the gown if it was only 1 tiered. Also the hair is really bad.
So Many Things Wrong- Michelle Monaghan
Where to begin. The material hurts my eyes, the length is bad, the bell sleeve is bad and overall it just does not work.
Really Want to Love But Cant- Toni Collette
I really like this dress from the bust down. The gold and pink just does not work for me.
Bad Fit- Cheryl Hines
This dress is just bad fitting. The color is a little shiny too.
On The Fence- Julia Louis-Dreyfus
I really like this dress. I think I would like this dress a lot more if it was strapless and did not have the shear yok at the top.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I like the metallic one, very modest yes looks fab!