Monday, January 11, 2010

The Evolution Begins

The world of Avatar is something that is all very new to me. So when the new James Cameron movie came out, I was not jumping up and down to see it. Sure it had great technology, and supposedly a decent store line, but it was not just overly appealing to me.

Over the weeks, I kept hearing more and more reports about how amazing the movie was. Finally tonight I was able to see the movie, and what an experience it was.

The first thing that is truly unbelievable is the 3-D experience. To have the movie jump off the screen, and be right on your lap, its amazing. The way we watch movies really has changed. Secondly, the idea and work that went into this film is unlike any other. To creating a new language to new animals, and a new culture takes more time then you can imagine.

Once you settle in to the movie, the story takes place. It is a great mix of action, emotion, and a little bit of romance as well. The movie has a great plot, and takes you to another world, literally!

One of my new favorite actresses Zoe Saldana is the lead actress. Not only is she beautiful in real life, but she makes a beautiful tall blue woman as well!
If you have the chance go see this movie, especially in the theatre. I don't think that watching it at home will give you nearly the same effect.

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