Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Best Dressed

This years woman really came out in full force. The woman had some beautiful dresses, and making this list was really tough. Hope you enjoy my picks and let me know what was your favorite!
Best Dressed: Maria Meunounos
I love this dress. I love the drama, I love the color, and most of all I love the train! This is perfection.
Best Purple Dress: Rose Byrne
I love the colour of this dress. Yes it may be very simple, but it is beautiful and elegant. I love the jewel detailing on the hip. The only thing that could be better is if her hair was pulled back.

Best Black Dress: Lea Michele
This dress goes to show anyone that black is not boring. This dress has so many interesting parts to it. I love the volume of the skirt. My only complaint is that it is a little old for young Lea.

Best White Dress: Anna Kendrick
This dress is my runner-up for best dress as well. I love how elegant and beautiful she looks. The shoulder detailing is amazing as well. Her hair is perfect as well as accessories! I also love the ribbon for Haiti as well... very respectful.

Can Do No Wrong: Sandra Bullock
This year is Sandra's year. She looks stunning here in a beautiful purple dress. I noticed this dress last week in a bridal magazine and was thrilled to see it on the red carpet! I love how the skirt is shear to show some leg, without a slit. Love the wispy hair as well.

Always Perfection: Penelope Cruz
After a disappointing promo tour for her movie Nine, Penelope really comes out looking great. Her style is always impeccable and she continually finds herself on best dressed list one after another.

Best Sexy Dress: Olivia Wild
Take note Mariah Carey this is how you do sexy. Olivia looks stunning in this heavily jeweled dress. Love the ponytail to top it all off.

Never Looked Better: Jane Lynch
I may be a bit bias as I have a custom made dress in this colour hanging in my closet, but I love this colour on Jane. She looks stunning here.

Best Short Dress: Ginnifer Goodwin
Although short dresses are not common, and with Ginnifer just being a presenter this dress works. I love the bold colour on her. The twist details and accessories really work here.

This Is How You Do Pink Dress: Emily Blunt
This dress is very romantic and beautiful. I love the billow ruffles and airy feel of this dress. She has a stunning necklace on as well.

Best Ethereal Dress: Dianna Agron
Ethereal dresses were all the rage 2 years ago, so it is great to see another come back. I love the overall look of this dress. She really is glowing. Stunning hair and make-up.
Best Drama Dress: Christina Hendrick
Christina reminds me of Jessica Rabbit all the time. The red hair, curvy figure and overall sexy appeal. This ruffled dress is no exception.

Not Sure About This Dress, But I Like It: Zoe Saldana

Not only is Zoe my female fashion crush, but she has been tearing up the big screen for the last year. I love the colour of this dress, and her hair and make-up also look great. I am not a huge heavy ruffled fan, but here it works.

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Tiffany said...

I am SOOO glad you follow this and blogged about it! I have no patience for watching the show, but this was like a Cliff's Notes version of all the dresses!