Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice on Whyte

Last night Shaun and I went to the Ice on Whyte festival. Not only was it really cool to see, but it also helped be accomplish one of my 101 in 1001!

Shaun in the Ice House
Ice on Whyte is put on by the city. It is $2 to get in and you can spend as much time in there as you would like.

Ice sculpturest's from around the world come to take part in the competition. There were sculptures of everything from animals to people. There was also a sweet ice slide, and an ice house.

1st Place
2nd Place- Done by an artist at Armena (just for you Bethan)
I am pretty sure that it was done by Rusty Cox- his dad is a good friend of our family
The ice slide, it was like you were a doing luge or skeleton.
It runs until the end of the weekend, but if you get a chance go check it out! I would suggest going at night while all of the sculptures are lit up.

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