Monday, January 25, 2010

101 in 1001 Update

For my 101st blog, I thought it would be appropriate to do an 101 in 1001 update!!

#5- Use me SLR cameral once a month
So I havnt been using it all that much, but I did take it to Winter Light with me. Hope to use it some more soon, I forgot how much fun it can be.

#38- Attend a festival in Edmonton
Shaun and I went to WinterLight! It was really cool to see. Brett and I also went to see the Olympic torch in Edmonton. So technically I went to 2!

#72- Learn new office database
As some of you know I started a new job last week. I have officially learned the new database so #72 is stroked of the list!

#73- Develop a look book
I have a habit/hobby of buying wedding books. I love to look at them and gain ideas and inspiration for my event. I have started to tear the pages out and create a folder of some of my favorite ideas. It is pretty fun to flip through and see them all.

#93- Wear a different pair of shoes everyday of the week
So this was a fun one! Especially getting back into the office. Here is a rundown of the shoes that I wore: White Puma Runners, Pink Barbie Heels, Zebra Barbie Heels, Silver Heels, Black Heels, Black Runners, White Heels

I have been able to stroke off lots of my items lately, now I just need to get on the travel ones!

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Crystal Young said...

You probably have enough shoes that you could wear a different pair everyday for a month.