Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beware All Fashionistas

I'm what I can only imagine was my sisters less then productive day (from all the emails, texts, and websites she sent me) I was thrown a gem of a link. This website is a member only site that offers huge discounts on designer clothing. I have a very week spot for designer clothing... especially Christian Louboutin shoes!

I was able to register for the site, but I am on a waiting list to get in :( as they only take so many new members each day. However, Crystal was able to get in and sent me her password so that I could look around.

It took everything in me not to buy the perfect Christian Louboutin boot that regular were $1500 for a measly $650.00 today only. If only money grew on trees. I hope that everyone else has as much fun shopping and dreaming on this site as I did today. Let me know if you buy anything! The Link is below

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