Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Conference

This past weekend I finished planning my 2nd conference. I was extremely time consuming, but each conference I have more fun planning it, and even more fun seeing everyone experience it.

This past conference we had about 160 delegates that furthered their education and skills in Sports Massage and Rehab courses. It is nice to see of the the delegates that you talk to on the phone for months before and put faces to the names that come across your desk.

It is also great to hear the stories and experiences that both the delegates and speakers bring to the conference. We had one speaker that did a keynote speech on Working with Elite Athletes at Olympic Games. It was really neat to see all of the pictures and hear the stories that went along with them.

Our next conference will be in October, and planning is already well on its way. I'm sure in the next few months I will have some fun details to share with everyone!

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