Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Market

Apparently Chiang Mai is known for its famous Sunday market. It runs from mid afternoon until 12:00 pm. Like the Night Market there is everything you could ever want to buy. Things seemed to be of higher quality here, and bartering is not really done.

The Sunday market I would say runs for about 3 km. The roadway is shutdown, and the streets become huge lanes of stalls. There are also many musicians and artists that come out and solicit money. Quite a few of these people were disabled, blind, or young children.

There are also lots of food stalls. The smell that comes from these areas is enough to make you sick. It takes a strong stomach to just walk through the area. Most of the stalls sell some type of meat product, or fruit. Most however, do not have their food covered with anything, and open to bugs that are flying around. We had to be really careful what we ate, and how it was prepared.

When the night time comes, and it cools off a little bit, there are huge moth type bugs that come out and are attracted to the smells and the lights of the stalls. It was so bad that we power walked out of the area, back towards our hotel.

Overall, I was disappointed from the Sunday Market. Everyone raved about it, but I think I much rather shop at the Night Market. Although the people are not as pushy and in your face at the Sunday Market, the shopping is much better at the Night.

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