Friday, April 24, 2009

Thailand Day 1.75

So I have finally arrived! I thought that since everyone is eager to find out about the trip I will recap what seems like the last week, really only 1.75 days for you.

Our group all landed in Vancouver, and boarded at about 3am on Thursday morning. Everyone is super nice, really a great group. One person never showed up so we had to leave without him, but I just got word that he is reconnecting with us tomorrow morning.

Anyways... so we boarded our plane which was huge and prepared ourselves for the 13.5 hr flight to Hong Kong. I had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting next to 2 Asian women, who made my night/morning not overly fun. I had to wake up every hour to let at least one of them out of their seats. This left me for about 3-4 hours of sleep total.

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we then boarded another plane to take us to Bangkok, which is where we are now. The flight was fine this time, nice and short! We then gathered up our belongings, found our bus driver and headed to the hotel.

The hotel is really beautiful. They are super friendly, and their English is fairly good as long as you speak slowly. I forgot my one camera cord so pictures are going to have to wait till I get back.

After a nice shower, a change of clothes, and a quick check of my emails- we headed out to 2 temples. I will wait to tell you about this till I have the photo evidence to back it up. Its like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

But its about my bedtime here, we have another big day tomorrow. We will be heading to our final destination city- Chiang Mai. Stayed tune for more followings, and I will try to use my other camera some so that I can post some pictures.

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Crystal Young said...

Yeah, you made it! What is the time change difference like over there. You were suppose to text me and you didn't!