Saturday, April 25, 2009


Tonight I had the pleasure of learning how to barter. After many tips from friends and family I thought it was about time to spend some cash.

We arrived in Chiang Mai this afternoon, and after some food, a dip in the pool, and a few refreshing watermelon blender drinks; that will need a whole blog of their own, we were ready for the daily night market.

Our hotel is close by so we made out way to the market to find a little world of its own. There are small metal shops that get set up with anything you heart could desire. Clothing, paintings, purses, sunglasses, food, and useless souvenirs are all to be found. Some stuff is really beautiful and I will go back and purchase more.

However, I did forget a pair of sunglasses, and needed some for the extremely sunny days. I finally found a pair that I liked and asked how much dreading the answer. The lady wanted 450 Baht. I was told to start to offer about 1/2 so I told her 200. This is all done by typing a number into a calculator until you like the final price, or walk away. The lady typed back her number still to much, and I typed back 250. When she said no more, I walked away slowly to the next stall. She agreed on the price on 250 and my bartering virginity was lost.

It is a very unnatural process of how it happens, kinda fun but more scary then anything. I think I am just paranoid of walking 10 stalls down and seeing it for much less. Oh well I guess I just need to suck in up and be happy with my $3 "Channel" sunglasses!!

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