Monday, April 27, 2009

Thailand Rant

So there is something that has been bugging me since we got to Thailand, and I have really noticed it more and more since we have gotten to Chiang Mai. My issue is the amount of older men that come to Thailand to prey on young Thai girls...

I know that it is possible for two people from other countries to fall in love with one another, but my issue is much different then that. Every night you see men 30-60 that find young women 16-25 to "spend the night with"

Now I personally do not know what happens when they leave for the night together, but one can only imagine. I find this so degrading to women everywhere. I am a firm believer in women's rights, and women standing up for yourself and for each other.

However, this seems to be the way of life here. Men come, live cheap, eat cheap, and use these women as if they are cheap. It really has been bothering me. After exploring the town some more today, I find that it is not only just in the tourist areas, but everywhere.

Hopefully this issue can get some awareness, and some attention brought to what i think is a huge issue in this beautiful country.

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