Thursday, December 9, 2010

24 Days of Christmas

In my attempt to be more in the Christmas spirit this year, I thought I would share some of our Christmas traditions with you.

Last year I shared the store of our advent calendars. You can read all about it here.

This year I did not get my calendar right on December 1st as a certain elf forgot to drop it in my car after Agribition. It showed up in the main on the 7th, and I got to open up a few gifts!

This is what the first 7 days of the countdown got me. Along with some really yummy chocholates!

There is a really neat magnate, actually 2 that say Cattle Chick, a tide pen, a $20 chapters gift card, and Robyn Beazley's new book, Live an Amazing Life!


HighCountryCattle said...

I heard that Peek , the elf was on a business trip and that was the reason for the delay.

RobynBeazley said...

Love this cool tradition. I'm so excited that my book was part of your countdown. Thanks for sharing with your network Stacy! Merry Christmas.