Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hotel Tour: Red Deer Lodge

I figured that with working in the hotel industry, and for as many hotels as I stay in throughout the year, I should start a Hotel Tour!

I have seen it done on both the Pioneer Woman and most recently on The Farmer's Trophy Wife

My first stop will be the Red Deer Lodge. We stayed there on the weekend for the Checkers Sale.

Door to my room. Love the lit up door number!
The rooms were bright and clean
I had a room with 2 Queens as mom and dad were also staying
My problem came with the bathrooms...

Not a ton of light, and need some some major renos
Overall the room was decent. I would not pay the $150.00 that the rooms usually are, however, a hotel with lots of potential!

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Cheyenne said...

HOORAY for the hotel tour! Yes, I specifically request that you keep this good thing up. I can live vicariously through your blog, even if I'm not basking in all the glory that I find a hotel to be.

Merry Christmas to you!!