Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Agribition Part 5- Making New Friends

Each year at Agribition you always meet new people. This year I have the pleasure of meeting 2 really great people, as well as getting to see lots of old friends.

Emma Burpee met my family when they were in Australia for the World Simmental Congress. She was there working for another breeder, and got visiting with my family. Emma won a trip anywhere she wanted to go as part of a cattle scholarship. She decided to come to Canada to see Red Angus cattle.

Emma stayed with us for 2 weeks when she got to Canada. Her first week here happened to be the same week as Agribition. It was perfect timing for her to come as she would get to experience all that is Agribition as well as getting to meet many cattle breeders.

The other person that I really got to get to know well was Greg Goudy. Greg is a fellow Simmental breeder from Saskatchewan. A few weeks earlier we had taken a trip to see some Simmental cattle together. He had 3 animals of his own at the show.

I event got to show his bull calf for him.

It seems like there is always lots of people to meet at the shows, and new friendships formed no matter where you turn!

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