Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Agribition- Part 4.... Way

So it is taking me a little bit to get through all my Agribition blogs. It is a long week, and it seems like so much happens during this time.

For the last few years it has become a mini family reunion for us. Crystal has been able to join us at the show, and mom gets to make it out for a few days as well. Each year I notice that Crystal becomes  more "Americanized" when she comes back to the Great White North.

This year is was not so much an American thing as just a word thing that I really noticed. She has a habit of saying the word "way". Now this does not sound to weird yet, until she uses it all the time and most of the time it makes her sentences become improper English!

After I pointed this out, Jon and I decided that we would use it just as much as her to make fun of her. These were some of out favorite phrases, and most of them were her's originally:

Way Cool
Way Good
Way  Awesome

I can promise you one thing, it is not a phrase that I will be picking up anytime soon!

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