Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Billboard Fun

I love the days when you are driving down the highway and see a good billboard. It may be funny, it may be educational, but if they are going to be there, they they should be worth reading right?

On my drive to Calgary Friday night, I passed this special billboard just south of Bowden. I had heard rumblings of it, but thought that I should see it for my own 2 eyes.

Yes, that is a picture of a fellow cattleman around the Bowden area. For those of you that cannot read the fine print it says:
What Happens in Mexico...
Sometimes Comes Back to Bowden!!!

This has to be one of my favorite practical jokes that I have seen for a long time. The picture was taken at a Stag in Mexico. I imagine that a few guys pitched in some money to buy this, and it is totally worth it.

We seen Mr. Chalack at the Calgary Stampede, and lets just say that his phone has been pretty busy the last week with random phone calls!

What other good practical jokes have you played? Or have been played on you?


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crystal.cattle said...

This is awesome. There was all that dairy stuff going on in Bowden last week too.