Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up Time

I have been suffering from a bit of writers block lately. It seems like I will go for 2 weeks with lots of new and exciting blogs to pump out to you, and then it crumbles for a couple of weeks. I am determined to not let that happen this time!

Things have been changing all around me in the last few weeks. The fall leaves are starting to show their colours, the weather definitely is getting cooler through the day, and the fall rains are delaying harvest.

Personally a few things are changing too. Work has given me a slightly different role, which means much more leadership on our team which is great. Several friends in the past weeks have started to talk about babies and marriage. There is nothing that makes you realize you are getting older like the talk of babies and marriage!

The next few weeks will be extremely full for me. At work we are just starting our busy season, we are also trying to get a few things wrapped up at the farm before my parents leave for 3 weeks to Australia. There are still show cattle that need to get halter broke for the fall, and sale cattle that need to get worked on too. NY Fashion week also starts this week, so I will be busy watching that and making a wish list just in case I win one of those $50 million dollar jackpots.

Well that's about it for my catching up. I am off for supper with friends tonight, and then back to the piano bar in Edmonton for some fun. I am quickly realizing that I am needing to inject my life with some more fun... so the plan starts now!

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