Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swing and a Miss

This last weekend we decided to get a round of golf in. The weather has not been that great for golfing as the rain keeps coming, so we wanted to take full advantage of a nice day.

So far this year I have golfed more then I have any other year. Being in Edmonton, there are so many courses to chose from, and so we have played 6 different ones so far. It was supposed to be 7, but last night we got rained out after a crazy storm that hit the city.

My big goal for golf this year is to score under 100. This is the first real year where I have golfed 18 holes, before it was just 9 that we would do. 100 is a pretty good score for the average golfer. Take into account that I have never had a lesson, just worked off of tips from friends and family, and 100 is an even better score!

"The Eng" showing us how it is done

Part of my problem in the past is that hardly any of my friends know how to golf, or just don't enjoy it like I do. This was all solved when my roommate Brett decided she wanted to take up the game. She has even bought her own clubs now, and we try to hit the course at least one a week, weather permitting.

Brett trying to stay out of the water.

The other thing that has really helped is that "the Eng" loves to golf! He is a really good golfer himself and has been able to help me with my game this year.

I think the best part about golfing this year has just been getting out with friends and having a couple of laughs. I am a highly competitive person, but with golf it doesn't seem so much about winning as you are only competing with yourself. Plus who can get mad or not be having fun when you have views like this!

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