Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I feel like I have been neglecting the red cows at our place this summer. With most the cows that got to stay at the main farm being black, the red ones just have not gotten as many pictures taken of them.

This year we have some really cool red bull calves as we finally got some bulls out of our Sr. herdsire Revolution. There is a heifer calf at home that is pretty special, and 2 red bull calves that are standouts as well.

Simply Irresistible- mother of my favorite red bull calf
The red cows are something that we are really proud of. We have some pretty great black donors, but our red cows have never really had a stand out. They are a very consistent set of cows, that we have been able to use our herd sires on and get some great calves.

2yr old Talladega female with Revolution bull calf
I am excited to watch the calves grown over the next few months. They really are changing everyday, and getting better all the time.

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Sarah said...

They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures!

Sarah from The House That Ag Built