Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Boy In Town

Over the last few days word has slowly started to spread that yes there is a new boy in my life. I try to keep my personal life pretty quiet, so for the past 4 months no one has really known except those that I see on a daily basis.

The story broke this past weekend when my parents were visiting Crystal and Jon in Iowa. They were spending the evening at Jon's parents house when Crystal asked who was at the farm with me over the weekend. My family not knowing any better responded, "umm no one that we know of". That is when Crystal showed them this picture that I had posted onto Twitter.

Crystal's response was, "well why is there 2 pairs of feet in this picture then?" Over the last few days a few details have been released, but I am keeping a pretty tight lid on this for now. I am also taking a page out of Crystal's books and will wait some time to reveal a name and face. It seemed to turn out alright for her in the end, so its work a try for me.

So to all those that I have lied to or avoided your questions over the last few months about whether I was still single or not, I am sorry. In time hopefully you will all get to meet the new boy. Until then "The Eng" and I will see where this takes us, and hopefully will have a few stories to share along the way!


Tiffany said...

Love how you got outed--so funny! Crystal and her detective skills! :)


Laura said...

So sneaky! Drinks and meeting the boy perhaps?

Sly said...

Drinks would be great Laura! I plan on bringing him out this summer. He is a city boy, so is going to take some time easing into things