Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farming 2011- Part 2

Although we have not planted our swath grazing yet, most farmers in our area have finished seeding or are just about done for the 2011 year. Soon the sprayers will be out, but until then it is fun to see the crops really start to grow.

This is what most fields look like after being seeded. They have been worked up from the year before, smoothed out with harrows, seeded and fertilized, and then packed down some to help keep the seeds in the ground to germinate.

Because of the mix of rain and warm weather we have been getting near Edmonton, the crops have had a great start this year. The fields are all turning green as the crops grow and start to get tall. In my area there is a lot of canola, wheat, barley, and oats planted.

I am going to try to follow the progress of some fields just outside the city and see how they change over the summer and fall.

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