Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Esks Opening Night

Well it is that time of the year and the Canadian Football League is back in action. We are pretty lucky here in Edmonton to have a decent team and a huge stadium to watch in. This year is also really exciting as Jenna, one of my room mates, is a cheerleader for the team!

Jenna doing her thing!
I have to say that I never really liked CFL football until one of my good friends Keith started to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Since then I have followed the game, and have actually started to go watch a few games. As with most sports it is much more entertaining to watch the game live then on TV.

Edmonton vs Calgary
With Jenna now part of the show it was fun to watch and see her in action. Those girls really do work hard on the field. With the CFL season being from June until November, the weather is highly unpredictable, and can go from 30+ degree days to -30 days as well.

My other favorite part of the game is the fireworks. I absolutley love a good pyro show, and no one does it better then my friend Shaun! He was on hand that night to help out with some touchdown celebrations and the half time show.

Shaun doing his thing in the end zone
Can't wait for the preseason to be done, and get this season under way, and a few more home games.

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