Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farming 2011- Part 3

I have been trying to track the progress of some of the crops in the area over the last few weeks. In the area by my house there is a lot of canola, wheat, barley and oats grown. There is the odd field of peas and corn grown, but our weather is usually just not hot enough for the corn to get the yeilds that they can in some of the US states.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been getting a lot of rain. Last count at the farm was about 8" in the last 10 days with more to come in next few days.

Finally a day of sunshine
Because of all of the rain both before seeding and then during seeding many fields have areas that are flooded with water. These areas can be either low spots in the field, or areas that do not have good drainage. When this happens it effects the yeild (how much crop comes off the land) and it can also make things difficult when seeding having to go around these spots so you do not get stuck.
Field with a washed out section
Right now the crops in my area are coming in nicely. Most everything is seeded which is nice as there is still some land that has not been touched. It is getting really late for the farmers to do seeding, so most of the land that is not planted already will either be left until next year, or planted with a crop that they can make green feed bales with.
Canola crop that is coming in nicely

Barley field that is looking really good.
The next step for these farmers will be to spray for pests and weeds. I hope to get a few more pictures this week as the crops have already grown so much. Can't wait to show you the canola fields in bloom!

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