Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Owl

This week my good friend Shaun celebrated his birthday and he also finished getting his second diploma from NAIT. To celebrate his graduation his class is throwing a dinner at the hotel I work at.

I thought that I should get something to congradulat him on this big acheivment. I thought about it, and then suddenly it came to me.

A few months ago all Shaun could talk about was this new whiskey that he found. Rye/Whiskey is a very common drink here in Canada. Sure in the US you have Crown Royal, but until you try a drink of Gibbson's you have never tasted pure heaven, or liquid candy!

This new whiskey was called White Owl. It is an undyed rye/whiskey that is pretty high end, about double of what Crown Royal is worth. Shaun raved about how good this drink was, but because he is a college student, he didn't really have the budget to buy himself any.

Needless to say, this is what was waiting in his hotel room for him when he arrived at the hotel tonight.

Hope you enjoyed Shaun and thanks for sharing!

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