Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Every year it seems like we have a cow or two that will lose her calf at birth. This year, it was one of my cows. Rather then have her go dry (not milking) for a year, we grafted a calf from our friends Beechinors onto her.

This calf they had been bottle feeding for a few weeks, and so she is really quiet. She sticks our pretty bad in the pen because of her color. Funny thing is that bottle calves, usually are not the best quality. This one though, is actually pretty good!

We will see how she turns out, but for now she is our friendly misfit!

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Sarah said...

What a cute misfit you have! A friend just had to get a holstein from a local dairy since he had a still born. It must be a pretty funn site seeing the holstein calf with the angus mom!

Sarah from The House That Ag Built