Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flush Day

Well today was flush day at the farm. We flushed 4 of our donors and got 10 eggs implanted as well.

For those of you that do not know what flushing is, here is a brief explanation. When you have a really good animal that you want lots of offspring from, you can flush them to speed up the reproduction process. The female (donor) is given needles to over ovulate eggs during her cycle. The donor is then bred, either naturally or through artificial semenition. 7 days after breeding, a vet then comes and removes the fertilized eggs from the donor female and these eggs can either be frozen and saved for later, or implanted into a recipient cow that will house the eggs, and later on have that calf.

On average you try to get about 8 or more eggs out of one flush. Today we did well and got a total of 35 eggs from the 4 donors. Some of these eggs we froze, and will sell to other breeders, the rest will be used in our herd.

Below are the donors that we flushed, as well as the sire of the embryo's. Stay tuned to our website, for more information on eggs for sale, as well as upcoming flushes.

 CDY Signature 2N

 RJY Dream Date

 CAJS Elegant Force

LRX Rasberry 71T

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