Monday, April 18, 2011

New Friends

This weekend I headed out to the farm. It had been a while since I was there, and after a good week of flushing I was excited to get out there.

Since it had been about 3 weeks since I was there, the calves have really changed. I have some new favorites, some are going through growth spurts, and others, are suffering from a bit of sickness with all the mud and water around.

My favorite heifer on this trip is a In Dew Time out of a Power Drive x Signature 19L 2yr old cow. She is real stout and still pretty flashy for a Simmental. My other favorite black heifer calves are Elle's Explorer calf, as well as Dream Date's natural Cool Venture calf.

Elle's heifer calf

For the red heifer calves, we have 2 real standout Revolutions. My favorite is out of our Queen of the Nile female, and the other is out of our old 6P cow,  the mother of Cool Venture. They are pretty cool right now.

For the bull calves, there are some real studs out there right now. We have 3 awesome black bulls, and a super cool red bull right now. The red calf is a Revolution out of our Simply Irresistible cow. We showed her as a yearling heifer the year of the World Congress, and she sure had lots of friend then.

The black bulls all are out of standout donor cows. Signature 2N is the mother of 2 of the bulls, one being a Joker, and the other being a 680S calf. Both of these calves had full sibs that we showed at Agribition last year. The other black bull calf is Dream Date x Joker. He is a full brother to our First Date female who was a class winner at Agribition last year.

We will keep watching how these calves develop over the next few weeks. A few of them will get to make the trip to  Drayton Valley for the show there in June.

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