Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Decor

Recently I have really been wanting to replace my couches. The ones I have right now are fine. Sure they are older, and if you take the couch covers off there is an ugly flower pattern, but they do the job. I have been debating either buying new couch covers, or just buying a new new couches altogether.

If I do buy new couches I really would like white leather ones. I know it sounds crazy, however, being leather they would be super easy to clean. I did some digging last night, and these are some of the ones that I really like!


Laura said...

LOVE that third one that has the zebra pillows on it!

Conservatories said...

Wo This pictures of home decoration are really amazing. The third picture is extraordinary. Its my dream home .

French country furniture said...

I like this all pictures very much. I think this furniture gives extraordinary look to any ordinary home.