Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Countdown is On!

With only 8 days till we head out for Vegas, my excitement is pretty much over the top right now. I love Vegas in all it's sparkly, over the top, craziness glory!

This trip it will just be Brett and myself, and there will also be some other people that Brett knows there at the same time. We will be there for 5 days, so it will be a great break from this cold weather that showed up today.

Each time I go to the states, I usually look for some "investment" piece. By "investment" I mean something that is a bigger purchase, a little bit more expensive and from some of my favorite designers. These items are always something that is timeless, will never go out of style, and that I will have for many many years. Some of my other purchases have been my Burberry scarf, my Christan Loubioutin shoes, and my Burberry Umbrella.

For this trip to Vegas I am really debating between a purse or another pair of shoes. I have found a pair of Fendi shoes that I have fell in love with. But I also have a true love for Christian Louboutin shoes like these.

My other option is to go with a purse. I love this Mulberry purse as it is nice clean lines, large enough but not to big. This is a little steap for what I am wanting to spend though. I also love this Mulberry purse called the Alexa bag. The third purse that has caught my eye is this one from Marc by Marc Jacob. It is much more affordable then the other two.

I guess we will find out in about 10 days time what one will actually be coming home with me!


Tiffany said...

Talk to me about your Christian Louboutin shoes.....I was all excited to get a pair of Jimmy Choo's, but apparently they run small and I have a big foot and I can't fit into it! Ugh!! Are the sizes small on the Louboutin's too??

Sly said...

Each pair of shoes run differently. For the most part they run normal to a little small. Most websites will say if they run small, normal, or big.

RobynBeazley said...

I'm excited to see what you come home with!! I would also like to know more about your shoe shopping Tiffany ;)