Wednesday, February 16, 2011

101 in 1001 revamp

I have been looking at my 101 in 1001 list and as we are well into the challenge there are just some items that are simply unattainable or do not apply now.

Rather then just giving up, I thought it would be smarter to switch them out for a new goal.

So here it goes! These will be the new 101 in 1001 items added to the list:

#26- Travel to Australia
#27- Travel to South Africa
#32- Travel to South Africa
#54- Find out my credit rating
#74- Win an office pool

Traveling this far is just not in the plans now, but traveling to South Africa was on the list twice. I have decided to spend money on my cow herd rather then traveling far away. I will not be finding out my credit rating, as it actually goes down each time you find out what it is. So there is no point dropping it for no reason. As for the office pool, we actually don't have them at work. It is a little hard to win a pool that does not exist.

These will be the new goals

#26- Flush one of my cows
#27- See the Grand Canyon
#32- Visit Jon and Crystal
#54- Invest into a retirement fund
#74- Get a quarterly bonus

Hopefully this will be the only changes that need to be made to the list and I can successfully complete rest of the list!