Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calving 2011

I love calving time at the farm. It is always exciting to see what the new calf crop will look like, what new sires worked, and start dreaming of what might make the show team.

This year we have had a really cold winter. There has been a couple of weeks already that have been -30C plus a wind on top of that. It is really hard for these little calves when it gets that cold. Sometimes they end up looking like this...

This little guy has some frozen ears.
 We finally got some Revolution bull calves this year after having none all of last year. There is some excitement in the air about these calves are they are coming along really great!

This is a Revolution bull out of our Robb cow

We often get asked if we have any black/red ones. Our herd is about 50/50 on black and reds. The black calves always look so shiny and cute when they are born.

This year we used some sexed female semen to try and get heifers. People will do this for a few different reasons. It allows you to use a bull that is 7/8 (not purebred for a Simmental) and get a heifer. The heifer would then be purebred. There are also some bulls that produce better heifer offspring then bulls.

In Dew Time x Wheatland Hummer Heifer
Got to love the attitude some of these calves have!
 Once and a while we will lose a calf. Sometimes this will be because of sickness, or there was just something wrong with the calf to begin with. This year I had a young cow lose a set of twins at birth. We decided to get a calf to graft onto her, and let her raise it for the year.

This calf kinda sticks out around our place... She was a bottle baby for a week until we got her, so she is nice and friendly!

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