Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Great Teams

Last night my friend Shaun and I headed out to the hockey game in Edmonton. I am a true hockey fan. I can compete with lots of guys as far as stats, and team info. I can tell you who is leading in the standings, leading in the points division, and who is sitting in 3rd place in the rookie scoring this year (Yes, it is Edmonton Oiler, 1st overall pick Taylor Hall!)

I especially wanted to go to the game last night as it was my 2 favorite teams playing. Obviously the Edmonton Oilers were the home team, and although they are not having a great season, it is still exciting to watch them play as they get their new young team going. The visitors last night were the Chicago Blackhawks, and current Stanley Cup Champions.

Now it was not the cup win last year of the Blackhawks made me a fan. In fact since about grade 2 I have been a Chicago fan. I was home alone with my sister one day, and the phone rang. We were taught from a young age how to take a proper message and to answer the phone even if our parents were out of the house. This particular call was from a man in Chigaco named Brent, and he wanted to talk to my dad about buying some Angus cows. I took the message just as I had been taught and told the man my dad would call him back that evening.

Later that evening when my dad got home, I gave him the message and my dad started to laugh. He asked me if I knew who this Brent man was. I replied no, why would I know of anyone who lived in Chicago? As it turned out that man was actually Brent Sutter, and he was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks! I was so excited that I had talked to a real NHL player that instantly I became a huge fan (behind the Oilers of course!). I went to school the next day and bragged to all the kids in my class. That Christmas I got a Brent Sutter hockey card, and I still have it to this day.

About 15 years later, I had another run in with the Blackhawks. I was staying at the Westin Hotel in Calgary doing a site tour for work. I noticed a lot of guys walking around the hotel that looked very familiar. I asked my hotel contact if they had lots of sports teams that stayed there, and if the Chicago Blackhawks were there at that time? She confirmed that yes the team was in house. Later that evening we were in the lounge having some drinks, as were some of the player. Long story short we ended up having drinks with a couple of the players, names I will keep to myself, but it was a really fun night to get to hear all about their life on the road!

I will forever be an Oilers fan, but the Blackhawks will have a soft spot in my heart as well.

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