Friday, October 7, 2011

Windy Chicago

I  loved Chicago. It is probably one of the neatest cities I have visited in a long time. Yes getting a dress for Crystal was pretty neat, but I will leave that for her to share about. Here is my top 5 things about Chicago!

5. Did you know that Chicago almost burnt down in 1871. You can read the story below, but this is one of the only remaining buildings from "Old Chicago". This was there water station at the time.

4. Navy Pier is pretty cool. Its is definitely a tourist attraction with the bars and shops along the pier, but it was just a neat place to hang out. I loved being able to look back and see there massive buildings with the sailboats coming into dock. The ferris wheel was pretty neat too.

3. When we were there October had just begun. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and because of that the top of all the buildings are pink for the whole month. It was pretty neat to see them lit up like that. The city also has the most amazing architecture. It was super neat to see a really old style building next to the slick and sleek office towers. Some of the buildings along Michigan Ave (which has amazing shopping minus the 10% sales tax) reminded me of the cool historic churches in NYC.

2. Chicago has a ton of bridges. Mom read that Chicago has every kind of bridge possible: train bridges, walking bridges, draw bridges, triangle bridges and so much more! This was a really neat bridge by the hotel.

1. There is pop art and sculptures everywhere! This one was by far my favorite, it is huge Marylin Monroe. She was put there in September and will stay for 1 year. Each year a new sculpture is put there. I am not sure of her exact dimensions, but as we drove by grown men would only come half way up her leg! There were so many more or random sculptures and images spread around town. Remember the infamous Chicago cows of the 90's?

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