Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Olds Fall Classic 2011- Simmentals

This last weekend was the 2nd Annual Olds Fall Classic. The Olds Fall Classic has become a great warm up show for the year, and a great way to track the quality of your cattle before the bigger shows later this fall.

As mom and I were in Chicago during the show, Dad was left to attend by himself. He took our mature pair- Dream Date, a yearling heifer that we are selling later this fall, as well as a red bull calf that we will show this fall.

I am starting to think that maybe we should just send Dad to the shows alone as the last time he went by himself, we had Champion Bull, and this time we had Reserve Champion Female!

Here are the big winners from the weekend. 

Champion Female- Southpaw Cattle Company
Res. Champion Female- High Country Cattle Services
Champion Bull- Outlaw Cattle & Sevick Cattle
Res. Champion Bull- Fisk Cattle

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