Monday, October 24, 2011

Harley the Hedgehog

This weekend after getting home from the farm, we had a new visitor to our house. Growning up I always wanted a hedgehog. I thought that they were so cool and would make a great pet.

Shaun was being the delivery guy for this hedgehog dropping it off at a friends house. But until he could get to the friends house, he got to spend the night at our house!

Meet Harley
I never really knew what there attitudes were like, just that I thought they were really cute. Turns out they are not so friendly, and very poky. Notice the heavy gloves Shaun has on.

The coolest thing about them is that their defence is to curl up in a ball. When they are hiding you cannot tell top from bottom and make a perfect little ball. Plus with their poky quills they are protected from predators.

Although Harley was fun to have for 1 night, I am sure glad that I never did get a hedgehog. They are extremely boring and just not good or fun pets!

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