Friday, October 21, 2011

RJY Paradise 1T

We have some pretty sweet cows on our farm, some that we are really proud of. It seems like the ones that have been shown over the years usually are the better ones, but there are also some that have never had a halter on them before that are just as good if not better.

One of those cows its Paradise 1T. Paradise is a Red Label cows out of CMS Paradise 05P. The 05P Paradise was purchased from Czech Mate Simmentals as a heifer calf, and later was selected as the pick of our herd at the 2006 World Congress Sale. 

Before we sold 05P we had flushed her to Red Label, and this cow is the only resulting progeny we have out of her.

RJY Paradise 1T
Each year Paradise does a great job raising her calves. She has never had a miss, and now has put a few daughters back into the herd. Most recently the breeding combination of her and Revolution has really clicked. Last year her heifer calf was part of our show string, and she placed 2nd in class at Agribition.

This year we have a full brother and he is a stand out in the bull pen. Earlier this year I had posted calf pictures about the no ears bull calf that I really liked. Well now he is grown and weaned off his mother 1T.

Who knows what the future holds for 1T around the farm, but I know I sure would take a 100 cows just like her!

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