Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picture Day on the Farm

This weekend it was picture day again on the farm. It seems like we are always taking new pictures of the cattle, especially the calves, as they are always changing and growing. 

Before we can take the pictures we always wash and blow them dry. Some clipping may be done, then we head off to our picture location.

The Eng helped us wash
Our picture location is down in one of the fields at the main farm. Because this is usually away from the other cattle we will take 2 or 3 down at a time. They usually stand better knowing they are not the only one there, and it makes it easy to picture a few animals at a time.

The Eng and First Time
Dad and Prom Date
Once and a while we will even get a few visitors coming to see what we are up to. We can make some pretty funny noises so there are always a few curious ones. Last weekend in was the new bred heifer we bought at Remington's dispersal sale.

Our new purchase
We got some pretty great photos this weekend, one that will be up tomorrow. Pretty excited too as I think it is the best photo I have ever taken!

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